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Kalpataru Paramount - An overview

A stately residential address in Thane, Kalpataru Paramount offers 2 BHK plush dream homes that will have you living like royalty! A select few residences feature large decks or three sides open, allowing vibrant and tranquil views of the cityscape. Furthermore, amenities here are akin to luxury experiences, specially curated to fulfil your desires - Here, you can take that dip in a luxe infinity-edge pool, a rich latte at the coffee lounge, a kickboxing lesson at the martial arts zone, or a relaxing massage at the spa.

Placed near Balkum, the property is in a lively corner of Thane that offers a lovely mix of lush environs and a bustling city life. Grand landmarks such as St. Xaviers School, Lake City Mall, Jupiter Hospital, and Viviana Mall are 7-10 minutes away. Moreover, the property offers excellent connectivity across the city as it is close to Ghodbunder Road, Eastern Express Highway, Thane Railway Station, and the upcoming Balkum metro station. Overall - Kalpataru Paramount ensures that your lifestyle will be rich with adventure, and your little ones will always have lots of space to run freely.

Party Hall
Spa with Jacuzzi
Spa with Jacuzzi
Yoga room
Yoga room
Multipurpose Court
Multipurpose Court
Games room
Games room
Lush landscaped garden
Lush landscaped garden
Kids’ Play Area
Kids’ Play Area
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

Unit Type Carpet Area Price Enquiry
2 BHK 527 Sq.ft ₹ 1.18 CR onwards
2 BHK 712 Sq.ft ₹ 1.69 CR onwards

Balkum Metro
Balkum Metro
5 mins
D Mart
D Mart
5 Mins
International School
International School
5 min
Jupiter Hospital
Jupiter Hospital
6 Mins
Eastern Express Highway
12 Mins
Viviana Mall
10 Mins

Founded in 1969, Kalpataru Limited has transformed the skyline of multiple cities in India. The firm has developed an excellent range of residential townships, gated communities, and commercial spaces. Its properties are spread across 9 cities, with the most popular ones being Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, Noida, Hyderabad, and Indore. Futuristic yet environmentally woke in its design strategy, Kalpataru Limited has garnered esteemed awards over the course of 50 years in the industry.

Address: At Thane, Mumbai


Client Testimonials (Overall Rating 4.8/5 24 Reviews)

Ans - Kalpataru Paramount comprises a total of 1,288 apartments, offering a diverse range of housing options to prospective residents. This substantial number of apartments reflects the scale and scope of the residential development, providing a multitude of choices for individuals and families seeking their ideal home. With such a large number of units, Kalpataru Paramount serves to a broad spectrum of preferences and requirements, ensuring that residents can find a residence that aligns with their unique lifestyle. The abundance of apartments also contributes to creating a vibrant and inclusive community within the development. Whether one is looking for a cozy space or a more spacious layout, Kalpataru Paramount offers a significant number of residences, presenting an opportunity for a diverse and thriving living experience in the heart of the community.

Ans - Kalpataru Paramount is composed of a total of 4 towers, each contributing to the architectural landscape of the development. These towers are integral to the design and layout of the residential complex, providing distinct living spaces within each. The presence of 4 towers signifies a well-organized and thoughtfully planned community, offering residents a variety of options when selecting their homes. The towers contribute to the overall aesthetics and functionality of Kalpataru Paramount, creating a balanced and harmonious living environment. This limited number of towers also fosters a sense of community among the residents, as it allows for a more intimate and closely-knit neighborhood setting. The 4 towers at Kalpataru Paramount form the structural backbone of this residential project, promising a unique and comfortable living experience for its residents.

Ans - Kalpataru Paramount presents a choice between 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments, serves to the diverse needs and preferences of prospective residents. The availability of these apartment configurations ensures that individuals and families can choose residences that align with their specific requirements and lifestyle. The 2 BHK apartments offer a comfortable and more compact living space, suitable for smaller households. On the other hand, the 3 BHK apartments provide a more spacious option, accommodating larger families or individuals desiring additional room. This variety in apartment configurations reflects the commitment of Kalpataru Paramount to offer a range of choices, creating a community where residents can find homes that suit their unique living preferences. The thoughtful consideration of different apartment types contributes to a well-rounded and inclusive living experience within the development.

Ans - The 2 BHK apartments in Kalpataru Paramount offer a carpet area, which is the usable floor space within the unit, ranging from 675 to 1,000 sq/ft. This measurement signifies the actual area available for residents to use and live in, excluding walls and common areas. The varying carpet area within this range allows prospective residents to choose a 2 BHK apartment that best suits their space requirements and preferences. Whether one values a more compact and efficient living space or desires a larger area for added comfort, Kalpataru Paramount provides options that serves to a diverse range of needs. The consideration of different carpet areas underscores the commitment to offering flexibility and choice to residents, ensuring they find a 2 BHK apartment that perfectly fits their lifestyle.

Ans - The 3 BHK apartments in Kalpataru Paramount boast a carpet area, the functional floor space within the unit, ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 sq/ft. This measurement represents the actual livable area, excluding walls and common spaces, offering residents ample room for comfortable living. The varying carpet areas within this range cater to different preferences, allowing prospective residents to choose a 3 BHK apartment that aligns with their space requirements and lifestyle. Whether one seeks a more compact and cozy living arrangement or desires a more spacious layout for larger families, Kalpataru Paramount ensures a diverse range of options. The consideration of different carpet areas underscores the commitment to providing residents with the flexibility to select a 3 BHK apartment that suits their unique needs, contributing to a well-rounded and inclusive living experience within the development.