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1,2,3 & 4 BHK ,


514 – 2747 sqft.


Under Construction

Lodha NCP: A Symbol of Elegance

In a city like Mumbai, where time races, and dreams are woven into the urban fabric, Lodha NCP emerges as a beacon of modernity and elegance. With a legacy of excellence, the Lodha Group has crafted this urban treasure , a city within a city.

Spanning 15 acres of lush open spaces, Lodha NCP has written a new chapter in the story of luxury and convenience. From a 75,000 sq. ft. grand clubhouse to world-class office spaces and a prestigious ICSE school, it's like a prototype of future urban living at its finest.

Here, life flows seamlessly, like a symphony, where every note resonates with the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Discover Lodha NCP, where the heart of Mumbai finds a new beat.

Kid's Play Area
Security System
Multipurpose Hall
Indoor Games
Outdoor Games
Library / Reading Area
Swimming Pool
Jogging Track

AURA - (Floor & Under Contruction june 25)
Configuration Price CV carpet area Quoted (all in) (mid floors) Enquiry
2.5 BHK 3.3 956 Sq.ft 4.37 Cr
3 BHK 4 1119 Sq.ft 5.26 Cr
3.5 BHK 4.4 1309 Sq.ft 5.93 Cr
4 BHK 6.2 1768 Sq.ft 7.96 Cr

GARDENIA - (37 floor & Ready to move in)
Configuration Price CV carpet area Quoted (all in) (mid floors) Enquiry
1 BHK 1.69 514 Sq.ft 2.2 Cr
2 BHK 3.45 907 Sq.ft 3.84 Cr
2 BHK 3.3 956 Sq.ft 4.07 Cr
3 BHK 4.92 1322 Sq.ft 5.55 Cr

EVOQ - (41 floor & Ready to move in)
Configuration Price CV carpet area Quoted (all in) (mid floors) Enquiry
4 BHK 6.73 2000(Bareshell) 7.45 Cr
4 BHK 7.44 2000(Doneup) 8.00 Cr

Supremus - (16 floor & Ready to move in)
Configuration Price CV carpet area Quoted (all in) (mid floors) Enquiry
Boutique office 1.56 368 Sq.ft office 1.72 Cr + maintanence
Boutique office 2.18 542 Sq.ft office 2.40 Cr + maintanence
Boutique office 2.77 702 Sq.ft office 3.02 Cr + maintanence

Eastern Express
Eastern Express
7 mins from BKC
Metro Station
Metro Station
Wadala to Thane
Eastern Freeway
Eastern Freeway
20 mins from CST
Railway stations
Railway stations
GTB Nagar
Sion Hospital
Western Express
Western Express Highway
Railway stations
Railway stations

Featuring 15 acres of stunning open spaces, a 75,000 sq. ft. grand luxury clubhouse, world- class office spaces, a renowned ICSE school and multiple restaurants - New Cuffe Parade by Lodha Group, is poised to become the city's most prestigious mixed-use development.

With delivery of 6 towers, today we have a thriving community of 1,500+ happy families living at Lodha New Cuffe Parade. The residents are bonding as they celebrate festive occasions like Independence Day, Ganesh Utsav, Diwali, Christmas, Holi & many others with great enthusiasm.



Client Testimonials (Overall Rating 4.8/5 24 Reviews)

Ans - Lodha NCP is conveniently located in Mumbai, less than 20 minutes from Fort and soon less than 10 minutes from BKC (Bandra-Kurla Complex). This excellent location ensures quick and convenient access to major business and entertainment centers.With its prime location, the Residence makes commuting effortless and convenient for exploring both the lively Fort district and the developing BKC. Enjoy easy access to key locations for work and leisure. Lodha NCP offers a central location that not only effectively connects you to the business districts but also brings various entertainment options at your fingertips. Experience the benefits of a well-located apartment in the vibrant city of Mumbai that caters to both professional and leisure needs.

Ans - Lodha NCP offers different types of homes to suit diverse needs.You can choose from different types of apartments, such as 1, 2 and 3BHK. This variety ensures that there's a suitable residence for various lifestyles and family sizes. Whether you want a small one-bedroom place or a bigger three-bedroom home, Lodha NCP has choices to fit what you like. Each unit is thoughtfully designed to offer comfort and functionality, providing a welcoming environment for residents. Explore the diversity in housing choices at Lodha NCP, ensuring that you find the perfect home tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

Ans - Lodha NCP was created by the Lodha Group, a well-known real estate developer recognized for delivering exceptional projects. The Lodha Group has a proven history of providing high-quality developments, making them a trusted name in the real estate industry. With a commitment to excellence, the Lodha Group brings its expertise to Lodha NCP, ensuring that residents experience top-notch living spaces. The developer's reputation for world-class projects signifies a focus on quality construction, thoughtful design, and overall satisfaction for those who choose to make Lodha NCP their home. Trust in the Lodha Group's experience and dedication to delivering outstanding real estate ventures when considering Lodha NCP as your residential choice.

Ans - Lodha NCP offers a range of amenities to enhance your living experience. The development features a spacious 75,000 sq. ft. luxury clubhouse where residents can enjoy various recreational activities and community events. Surrounding the residences are beautiful open spaces, providing a green and serene environment. Additionally, Lodha NCP is home to a well-known ICSE school, ensuring convenient and quality education for families within the community. For those with professional commitments, the development provides world-class office spaces, making work more accessible. To satisfy culinary cravings, there are multiple restaurants on-site, offering a variety of dining options. With these amenities, Lodha NCP not only provides a comfortable living space but also strives to create a holistic and vibrant community for its residents.

Ans - Absolutely! Lodha NCP is well-connected to different areas of Mumbai, ensuring hassle-free travel. The upcoming BKC-Sion elevated road further enhances accessibility, making commuting more convenient for residents. This strategic location allows quick access to major transportation hubs, facilitating smooth journeys to and from the residence. Whether you're heading to work, exploring the city, or connecting with friends, Lodha NCP's connectivity ensures that you can get where you need to go with ease. The planned BKC-Sion elevated road is an added benefit, promising a smoother and quicker travel experience. Choose Lodha NCP for a home that not only provides a comfortable living space but also ensures that you stay well-connected to the pulse of Mumbai's vibrant life.