Vastu talks

You may have observed the marvelous temple in our country, and you might wonder how they created this structure eons from now. What architectural concepts were used to build such a stunning structure? Vastushastra is what it is.

According to Vastushastra, eight pandas represent the eight directions: north, south, east, west, northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest. Placing eight pandas in your home can help to bring balance and harmony to your space.

The pandas should be placed in the following directions:

North: This direction represents career and success. When a panda is in the north direction it helps to achieve your goals.

South: This direction represents fame and recognition. When a panda is in the south direction it helps to boost your public image.

East: This direction represents health and well-being. When a panda is in the east direction it helps to promote good health and vitality.

West: This direction represents wealth and prosperity. When a panda is in the west direction it helps to attract financial abundance.

Northeast: This direction represents knowledge and wisdom. When a panda is in the northeast direction it helps you in your studies or career.

Southeast: This direction represents creativity and abundance. When a panda is in the southeast direction it helps to boost your creativity and productivity.

Southwest: This direction represents relationships and family. When a panda is in the south direction it helps to strengthen your relationships and bonds with loved ones.

In Vastu, each direction holds its own importance, providing guidance on where to position elements to create and maintain harmony, a positive atmosphere, and peace within the household.

Main door in west side

If you decide to purchase a west-facing home, make sure that the main entrance or door is in the northern or Midwest part of the property. Vastu experts advise designing a metalwork on the door facing the west.

The placement of kitchen

The positioning of the kitchen is highly significant, as it can influence the health of the family. It is advisable to place it on the eastern side and carefully plan its layout.

The placement of the bathroom

If your home is facing the west side, the toilet should be placed in the north direction. A commode should be placed in the northwest or southeast direction.

The puja room

It's crucial to choose where you give your prayers if your west-facing home has a puja room or temple. This guarantees that the energy will be directed properly around you.

In today's world, every home is unique, particularly in cities like Mumbai where land is extremely valuable. Creating a perfect Vastu-compliant house can be quite challenging, but with some adjustments, you can align your energies in the right direction and enhance the prosperity and well-being of your family.