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Hiranandani Highland: Your Perfect Home in Every Way

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Envision your life within a remarkable neighborhood, where the ordinary aspects of everyday living are elevated to an extraordinary level. Each day will be filled with a sense of luxury and indulgence as you reside in your dream residence at Hiranandani Highland. Hiranandani Highland represents the epitome of excellence, crafted by the renowned Hiranandani developer with its aesthetically pleasing architectural design and contemporary style. Hiranandani ensures that your dream home embodies luxury at its finest, with standards that rival international luxury establishments, providing you with a taste of this unparalleled experience.

Situated in the jewel of Mumbai, Powai, Hiranandani Highland emerges as a testament to luxury and modern living. Developed by the renowned Hiranandani Developers, this residential jewel spans across a 1.5-hectare township, promising a lifestyle beyond compare. Immerse yourself in the vibrant surroundings of Powai, Mumbai.

Experience the convenience of having world-class amenities at your doorstep. From the tranquil meditation park to the refreshing swimming pool, versatile court, kids' play zone, clubhouse, and fitness center, Hiranandani Highland offers a range of facilities designed to enhance your living experience. Indulge in the ultimate luxury lifestyle at Hiranandani Highland in Powai, Mumbai.


Type Carpet Area Price
2 BHK 566.08 Sq. ft. ₹ 2.33 Cr All Inc
2 BHK 598.16 Sq. ft. ₹ 2.61 Cr All Inc
2 BHK 620.66 Sq. ft. ₹ 2.61 Cr All Inc
3 BHK 784.59 SQ.FT ₹ 3.38 Cr All Inc



1.4 Km
5 Km
10 Km
Powai Lake
2 Km
40 mins
4.2 Km
Hiranandani Powai
5 mins
Station 4.5 Km
International Airport
10.5 Km
Eastern & Western
Express Highway 4.8 Km



Client Testimonials (Overall Rating 4.8/5 24 Reviews)

Ans - Hiranandani Highland covers an extensive area of 2.5 acres in the prime location of Powai, Mumbai. This expansive development goes beyond just providing space; it fosters a vibrant community. With lush green landscapes, top-notch amenities, and carefully planned residences, Hiranandani Highland creates an ideal environment for residents to experience a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. The well-thought-out design and spacious surroundings contribute to the overall appeal of the project, ensuring that residents enjoy not only their individual living spaces but also the collective ambiance of a thriving community. The strategic location in Powai adds to the convenience, making Hiranandani Highland a sought-after residential destination in Mumbai, where residents can relish both the tranquility of green spaces and the pleasures of a well-connected neighborhood.

Ans - The apartments in Hiranandani Highland are anticipated to be ready for possession by December 2026. This expected possession date offers prospective residents a well-defined timeline for their future plans. It gives them a clear understanding of when they can expect to move into their new homes, allowing for better preparation and organization. This information is crucial for individuals and families considering Hiranandani Highland as it enables them to plan their transition and make necessary arrangements with the confidence that their residences will be available by the specified date. The clarity regarding the possession timeline adds to the overall transparency and reliability of Hiranandani Highland, ensuring that future residents can eagerly anticipate the completion of their homes in Powai, Mumbai.

Ans - Hiranandani Highland presents a total of 447 thoughtfully crafted units, providing a diverse range of choices for prospective residents. This impressive number of units caters to various preferences and requirements, ensuring that individuals and families can find a home that perfectly suits their unique lifestyle. With a wide selection of residences, Hiranandani Highland aims to accommodate different needs, offering a variety of layouts and features. This extensive range of units enhances the options available to potential residents, giving them the flexibility to choose a home that aligns with their preferences. Whether one is looking for an apartment or a more spacious residence, Hiranandani Highland's diverse unit offerings contribute to creating a well-rounded and inclusive living environment in the heart of Powai, Mumbai.

Ans - Hiranandani Highland enjoys a strategic location with easy access to well-known schools in the vicinity. Residents in this community can take advantage of the proximity to esteemed educational institutions such as Bombay Scottish School, HFS International School, and Podar International School. This ensures that families residing in Hiranandani Highland have convenient access to quality education for their children. The presence of these reputable schools nearby enhances the overall appeal of the residential development, making it an ideal choice for families seeking a nurturing and academically enriching environment. The accessibility to such educational options reflects the thoughtful planning of Hiranandani Highland, serves to the diverse needs of families and contributing to a wholesome living experience in Powai, Mumbai.

Ans - Hiranandani Highland offers a diverse range of facilities to enhance the living experience for its residents. The community is equipped with amenities such as a serene meditation park for quiet moments, a refreshing swimming pool for leisure, a versatile court for various sports activities, and a well-equipped kids' play zone for children's enjoyment. The clubhouse serves as a social hub, providing space for gatherings and events. Additionally, residents can maintain an active lifestyle with access to the fitness center. These facilities cater to the diverse needs of the community, ensuring that residents have ample options for relaxation, recreation, and socialization within the Hiranandani Highland premises. The array of amenities reflects the development's commitment to creating a well-rounded and fulfilling living environment in the heart of Powai, Mumbai.